November 30, 2018

Paperless Physical Therapy

by Jonathan Davis

As physical therapists, we should be embarrassed of our global footprint.

Paper calendars. Paper reminder cards. Paper documents. Paper intake forms. Paper exercise sheets. Paper superbills. Paper handouts. It’s ridiculous.

This is our job, and we can’t even keep up with all of the paper. Why should we expect our patients to keep up with it all?

With PtEverywhere, we can now ditch the file cabinets and printer cartridges. We can save some trees and start being more responsible for our impact on the planet.

Beyond that, we’re saving our personal time and we’re saving money. We can boost productivity and grow our practices.

We can change the way patients experience physical therapy. No more printouts. Much more interaction, effiency, and achievement. Thank you, PtEverywhere.